3 Best CBD Gummies and Edibles in Ireland (2021)

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the most common ingredients of Cannabis, and CBD also comes from the Hemp Plant. Cannabinoids do not get you high in any meanings, it provides you a healing mechanism, for aches and pains. These products have a wide variety of health issues, but they can help treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, and seizures.

The ingredients in CBD oil & CBD Gummies are Cannabis extract and THC mostly. The whole plant’s benefits are what you are looking for to get the most out of any CBD products. The brands are not all the same; they are very different, depending on the needs and works of the people they are attending too. This is a way of living for some people, to help their mind and body heal.

Top 3 CBD Gummy Brands in Ireland

Let’s talk more in depth about the top five CBD brands in Ireland.

#1 Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me is an elite team of research experts who have made a potent and beneficial Cannabidiol extract. They are known for going through endless testing and analysis to ensure they have a top-quality product needs for many people.

Brian Cusack founded the business; he is a former corporate banker who decided to transition his career into a wide-range of studies revolving around Cannabidiol. He recognised the importance and the growing culture of Medical CBD products. After he had a positive result with Cannabinoids, he decided to share it with his friends and family and took his path to become a Pioneer.

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Realising that the Cannabinoids industry is still expanding, he sought to validate it by creating the safe and effective outcome of his edibles and tinctures. At Dr. Hemp Me, they envision a world where CBD oil and products are readily available through a secure and reliable source.

They try to provide reasonable and robust profit for those who would like to embellish CBD Gummies & CBD oil’s health benefits.

Use code – DRHEMP10 for 10% off!

#2 Ceelabb

Ceelabb are one of my favourite Irish CBD brands. As an avid user of their hemp products it is great to now list them on this best CBD Gummies list too. Their CBD Gummies have just launch and are sure to be as effective and affordable as the rest of their product range.

These CBD Gummies are THC Free and are also vegan. It is still surprising that some gummy brands don’t make their jellies using a vegan formula but thankfully Ceelabb has us covered. One tub of these newly launched CBD jellies will set you back €55.00 but if you choose to buy in bulk – that is to buy two or three tubs – you get a percentage discount on your purchase.

This deal will suit those who have tried CBD products before as you can stock up for the coming months but if you’re just starting out it would be best to start small and buy one tub to see how they work for you.

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#3 Prime Spectrum

Prime Spectrum are professionals who are very experienced in their field. They provide their products to the online community throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom that needs them. Prime Spectrum employees are knowledgeable in Cannabidiol oil drops, capsules, vapes, and much more. Their goal in the company is to give excellent customer service and make sure their people get an amount that works for them.

Prime Spectrum believes that guiding the way to the customers heart is with tips and tricks and also believes is crucial to success. They use research online from Ireland to recommend ingredients, and products for users of all kinds.

When you purchase from Prime Spectrum, your health will grow, your body will produce, and so will your mind.

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Are CBD Gummies Legal in Ireland?

Cannabidiol laws are different in every country, but CBD products are legal in not only Ireland but also the rest of the United Kingdom. Cannabinoid oil has skyrocketed in Ireland and the UK. As of 2018, the products had 250’000 consumers throughout the UK alone.

Full-Spectrum oil has non-psychological benefits for its medical properties. On the other hand, Cannabidiol can counteract the effects of THC to some degree. It can reduce the amount one feels of anxiety and memory loss caused by intaking THC, which is the factor that gets you high.

Once 1928 hit, Cannabis became illegal in the UK for the first time. They have had a complicated relationship with the United Kingdom’s legal system. The Whole Plant Complex classifies as a non-addictive substance in 2001. To be considered legal, any CBD products should contain less than 0.2% of THC.

Cannabinoids have nothing to do with THC, and it is not associated with the recreational use of cannabis. In Ireland, CBD is not currently authorised as a medicinal product. It is not allowed to be prescribed from doctors as it is not a treatment option Ireland offers. Although, THC is illegal in Ireland and the United Kingdom for recreational needs.

Are CBD Gummies as Good as CBD oil?

It depends on certain people and what the consumer is looking for, if they prefer Gummies over oil, or what benefits they are looking to manage. Cannabinoid oil works best if you put the oil underneath your tongue and hold it there for a minute or two before swallowing.

It can take around 45 minutes or more to feel any effects; in your mind or body. CBD Gummies have a lower usage rate. Placing the oil under your tongue will help the oil have a straight way to your bloodstream.

Gummies have delayed effects; there are some pros, but also some cons to taking CBD Gummies. They absorb slower than oil and takes more time to feel the effects. The oil breaks down with your digestive system, which causes the activation period to take longer.

A lot of the oil also breaks down by your liver before flowing into your bloodstream. CBD Gummies can be an excellent choice to start your day, as long as you do not take additional medication that triggers fatigue, like melatonin.

Taking Cannabidiol oil instead of the Gummies increases your rate of use by over 20%. The intake varies from individual to individual. If you do not know much about consumption, Gummies are the most effective way to start.

Who Should Take CBD Gummies?

CBD products have many health benefits; it reduces your anxiety, depression, improves sleep, reduces seizures for epilepsy, soothes pain and aches, improves heart health, and improves symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. It would help if you always give yourself an accurate dosage, although it is difficult as there is no official recommendation. A human dose is between one and 1’500 milligrams per day.

The amount of CBD Gummies you should take depends on some factors, including your body weight, the condition you are treating, individual body chemistry, and the concentration of profit in each type of product.

You should consult your doctor about the dose or any risks you may have. If the doctor cannot provide a recommended dosage, it is always best to start slow and work your way up. Every week take one more dose and see how you do. If you need to, cut back your dose until you feel more comfortable to bump it up.

It is essential to keep track of how much you are taking a day and whether your symptoms are getting better. The way it interacts with the mind and body, people don’t ever want to go without it.

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