About Me

Hey, welcome to HeadsUp!

Who am I?

I am 27, Irish and my name is Shannon O’Sullivan. This website was created by me to share my own positive holistic health experiences with others and useful well-being tips with you all. As a former content writer , air hostess and buyer’s assistant I have had many experiences in life which have led me to explore various holistic health remedies like CBD Oil along the way. Well-being has become a primary focus of my life and I wish to share the insights I have gained with others through HeadsUp. Whether it be a natural dietary supplement or a daily well-being tool you can use to positively impact your day, HeadsUp is here to help.

What is HeadsUp?

HeadsUp is a holistic health website which aims to highlight products which support people’s well-being and overall health. The products featured on this website and all which are reviewed have been tried and tested personally by myself and/ or within my family. I use my personal experiences to suggest holistic methods of keeping healthy in this modern world. From dietary supplements such as CBD to superfoods which enhance the health of your brain, HeadsUp has a range of holistic health suggestions for anyone looking to lead a more natural lifestyle. I personally have used CBD products successfully for many years now as well as my family members and even our pets. This site will not promote or advise the use of any product without the correct disclaimer attached and will only feature products used personally by myself first.

How does HeadsUp work?

At HeadsUp it is understood that there are many different avenues to consider when you are wishing to naturally improve your day – to – day health and everyone is different. This website aims to provide information from my personal experience on a range of alternative health products and hopefully feature ‘something for everyone’. Not all health supplements or methods of well-being suit us all so it is important to be mindful that some holistic health products may work for one person but not for others.

HeadsUp.ie will offer the information you need to consider natural supplements or even simply to introduce a new food into your diet to target a particular area of your health. Enjoy!

Shannon O’Sullivan