3 Best CBD Oil Products for Your Dog 

cbd oil for dogs

If your dog experiences certain ailments, CBD for pets can actually help alleviate them. If you’re overwhelmed by the large amount of choice or CBD oils available, continue reading to learn about the 5 best CBD oils for your dog. 

Can Dogs & Cats Take CBD Oil?

CBD oils have become extremely popular as of late, but can your pets partake as well? Dogs and cats can safely take CBD, but the amount differs based on a few factors. Their weight and size is the main factor, as smaller dogs and cats may require less than larger breeds.

CBD oils, when ingested for humans, can help with anxiety and muscle issues. The same benefits can be experienced by your pet when they take CBD. CBD oils are able to relieve seizures in pets as well as alleviate symptoms associated with arthritis. 

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The endocannabinoid system is present in both humans and animals – it is the system that allows cannabinoids to interact with the body. The system enables cannabinoids such as CBD to interact with the body and influence said body in different ways. 

While CBD is a cannabinoid, the body makes and regulates its own internal cannabinoids as well. Since this system is present in both humans and dogs, we can both experience CBD effects similarly. 

Options Product Name What You Get
#1 CBD Pet Oil 2.5%cbd for pets dogs and cats level 2.5%
#2CBD Pet Oil 5%5% hemp oil for dogs ireland anxiety
#3CBD Pet Chewspet chew treat pet oil supplement
#410% CBD Oil for Pets dr hemp me cbd for pets tincture 10%

Top CBD Oil Products for Dogs

Our list, compiled of the five best CBD oils for dogs, can help you find the perfect concoction to help alleviate your pet’s symptoms. These CBD oils are amongst the best pet options, ensuring your pet is safe and healthy while consuming it. 

Dr. Hemp Me Pet Products

The Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil is a great pet CBD as it contains salmon oil to help ingestion easier for your pet. While you may willingly and knowingly consume CBD, your pet doesn’t understand its effects in the same way. While the oil can be beneficial to pets, sometimes they need some help in ingesting it. 

The customer service team from Dr. Hemp Me is also excellent – their communication regarding customer’s questions and concerns really sets them above. If you’re interested in the background and lab tests associated, Dr. Hemp Me also provides lab tests on the product page. This oil also comes in two strengths which can be excellent for different sized pets. 

The page provides a guide on how much to give to your pet, depending on their size and weight, for easy dispersing. While right now they only offer the oil, there are CBD doggy treats available shortly. 

# 1 My Recommendation: CBD Oil for Pets 5%

One of the most potent CBD oil products for pets, Dr. Hemp Me’s 5% pet oil packs a punch. Be wary of using this oil for smaller dogs under 20 kilos. In truth it is just not necessary for any dog weighing less than 20kg, please choose the 2.5% Pet Oil instead.

how to use cbd oil drops for dogs

The best way for your dog to take this oil is to simply drop it in his food and mix it in. Usually, 5 drops are best to start with but it really depends on the size of the dog. Please contact Dr. Hemp Me’s customer service who are always available for questions.

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# 2 CBD Oil for Pets 2.5%

This oil is perfect for smaller dogs and even cats. Other small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs could use this product too once the dosage is worked out according to their smaller weight.

# 3 Pet Chews

Although they are the weakest CBD pet product from Dr. Hemp Me the reason why so many owners are buying the pet chews is that you can easily see exactly how much your dog is taking. Each pet chew contains 2mg of CBD and usually 2 to 3 chews is enough for one dose depending on the dog.


  • The wonderful customer service department 
  • Easily digestible for pets 
  • Lab tests provided 


  • One size offered 

# 4 CBD Oil for Pets 10%

This option is relatively new to Dr Hemp Me and is specifically for animals who weigh 51 kilos or more. Very large dogs, ponies, horses or any large farm animal could also use this level CBD food supplement.

hemp oil for dogs

What Do Vets Have to Say About CBD Oil?

 While CBD oil for pets is only just starting to take off, many vets are big fans. Most vets are not legally allowed to prescribe CBD to pets, though they may recommend it. Similarly, in humans, CBD has been found to relieve pets of specific ailments such as seizures and joint pain, mainly arthritis. 

All veterinarians, of course, are different, but it seems that CBD oil is becoming a popular method for curing certain illnesses and conditions in pets. You should always do your own research and speak with a professional before giving your pet any product. 

How Do I Give CBD Oil to My Pet?

Giving CBD oil to your pet may prove tricky if your pet doesn’t enjoy taking things that aren’t food. If you’ve ever given your pet medicine before, administering CBD may end up similarly. The easiest way to have your pet ingest CBD would be to add it into their mouth directly. 

Since this may obviously prove difficult for some pets, adding it to their food is another great way. Following the size and strength guides that most CBD oil sites have, administer the drops to the pets’ food before feeding time, and they should be able to eat their dinner without issue. This will ensure they ingest the CBD without having to go through a traumatic experience of you trying to hold them down to get them to ingest it. 

Should I Give My Pet CBD Oil?

While there are significant benefits found when pets take CBD, should you administer it? The answer is, you shouldn’t really need to give your pet CBD unless they suffer from specific ailments that you can alleviate by taking it. If your pet suffers from arthritis, seizures, joint pain, or more, they may see improvement in their quality of life when taking CBD. 

If your dog is mostly healthy, CBD may not be necessary for their diet. If you have questions or concerns regarding whether or not your pet should be taking CBD, speak to your veterinarian. 

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