3 Best Irish CBD Vape Oil Brands in 2021


As the world opens its minds to alternative medicines and new forms of medical cannabis, so too do the variety of products available expand. With an increasing range of CBD-based products on the market, it can feel overwhelming when searching for one that is right for you.

With the continually changing legal state regarding hemp-based products and CBD use’s stigmas, it can seem impossible to keep up with the latest information. How medical professionals and the general public regard cannabis products, especially when used in tandem with vaping, can put many people off.

The lack of research-based information and overabundance of incorrect information often leads to confused view-points. So without further ado, here is your one-stop-shop to all you need to know about Irish CBD vape oil brands in 2021.

Top 3 CBD Vape Oil Brands in Ireland

In recent years, the range of hemp-based products and brands has shot up rapidly. It has become a challenge to weed (pun intended) through various products available to select the best one.

Not only can some of the names for CBD products be confusing – CBD vape oil versus CBD oil, tinctures versus e-liquids – but the very term CBD (cannabidiol) puts a lot of people off. Often it can be confused with its psychoactive counterpart: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). There is a lot of research to be done when looking into getting the right CBD vape oil for you.

You don’t have to worry about that because included in this comprehensive guide are the 5 best Irish CBD oil vape brands of 2021.

#1 Ceelabb

Ceelabb is a very proud CBD company with a wide range of products. Their CBD vape oils come in four flavours and two strengths. Boasting a smoothness like no other, Ceelabb CBD e-liquids are top quality. These vape oils have been put through rigorous testing, ensuring only the best products make it to stores.

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Ceelabb CBD Vape Oil

Pros & Cons

  • THC free
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Nicotine free
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Can be pricey depending on the type
  • Limited range of flavours

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#2 Meet Harmony

Harmony vape oils are the number one choice for CBD vape oils in 2021. They boast a wide variety of flavours, all for a very affordable price. Harmony takes pride in its work and ensures easy access to all information regarding its products. Their extensive range of CBD vape oils is second to none, with a wide enough variety to serve every taste. Not only that, but they are somehow simultaneously the highest quality and cheapest on the market.


Harmony CBD E-liquid Moroccan Mint 10ml

Pros & Cons

  • Very reasonably priced
  • THC, Nicotine, alcohol, animal extract, and diacetyl-free
  • Tamper-proof and child-proof
  • Does not ship world-wide

#3 Prime Spectrum

Prime Spectrum’s award-winning CBD vape oils are premium e-liquids for vaping. With four fun flavours to choose from, these well balanced and smooth vape oils are sure to soothe anyone. Prime Spectrum is known for their excellent quality control and the care they put into each bottle. For such quality, their products are very reasonably priced.

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Prime Spectrum 50ml vape oils

Pros & Cons

  • Inexpensive
  • Award-winning CBD e-liquids
  • Organic and GMO-free
  • THC free
  • Limited range of flavours and size options

Are CBD Vape Oil Products Legal in Ireland?

Yes, cannabidiol can be legally sold and used in Ireland. THC, however, is still illegal.

There is much confusion surrounding the use and effects of CBD in Ireland. The laws are strict, and the public and law enforcement are not well informed on CBD’s specific legalities. Many people do not understand the distinction between marijuana and hemp.

The difference comes down to THC. While marijuana and hemp are both the same as the cannabis plant, the distinction lies in their respective levels of THC. Marijuana is the type of cannabis used to get high; that means it has a higher THC content. Hemp, however, to be considered legal, must have a THC content lower than 0.2%. This way, any possible effects are rendered negligible.

As hemp, cannabis can be grown like any other food-grade plant. In Irish law, however, the definition of ‘trace amounts’ of THC in cannabis is still unclear; some people follow the less than 0.2% rule while others run with a zero-tolerance policy.

What this means for the average buyer is that while CBD products are legal, the laws are not loop-hole free. Consumers should be meticulous while researching places to purchase CBD products.

Can You Get a Buzz/High from Vaping CBD?

When people think of products derived from the cannabis plant, they often assume they all cause a marijuana-like high. In reality, the high that comes from smoking weed is due only to a single chemical – tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It is what is responsible for causing a high. Cannabidiol, or CBD, does not cause a high. Both compounds are cannabinoids, meaning they both come from the cannabis plant but have different effects.

While THC is a psychoactive compound, meaning it can trigger a sense of euphoria, bliss, or heightened perception; CBD is used mainly as a way to calm anxiety, alleviate depression, and help with insomnia.

Due to these effects, CBD can induce a sense of calm or lightness, but it is not a buzz in the same way that being high would be. Too much CBD consumption can lead to some unpleasant side effects such as nausea and dizziness.

Is CBD Oil the Same as CBD Vape Juice?

Is CBD oil the same as CBD vape juice? In other words, can you use them interchangeably? The short answer is no. CBD oil and CBD vape juice have different properties cultivated for different usages.

CBD oil is an oral supplement. It can be taken in a variety of ways, such as sublingually in pill form or ingested as an oil tincture. Some people like to add CBD oil to their food or drinks and consume it that way. CBD vape juice, on the other hand, is explicitly made to vaporize in vape pens. In this manner, it is taken into the lungs and absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

CBD oil is more viscous than CBD vape juice. It consists of a range of heavier oils such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil that can be easily digested. These oils act as a carrier, ensuring the cannabidiol is taken into the body effectively.

However, when it comes to CBD vape juices, these oils are too heavy and would quickly clog up your vape. Instead, CBD vape juice consists of a combination of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, or polyethylene glycol. These substances varporize easily without burning or damaging the vape pen. The effects of both methods are quite strong, though vaping will transfer the cannabidiol to your bloodstream much faster.

It can be confusing trying to tell the two apart sometimes, so it is important to remember that anything referred to as CBD oil or CBD tincture should be taken orally, while CBD vape juice, CBD vape oil, or CBD e-liquids should be vaporized.

Is CBD Vaping Safe for Your lungs?

As of yet, it is still impossible for research to determine conclusively the full range of health effects that vaping could cause. The wide variety of cannabidiol vape products and their manner and frequency of use, makes it hard for scientists to get a clear read on vaping risks.

There are some concerns to be noted when it comes to the effects of vaping. Though it has yet to be proven, research indicates a likely connection between vaping and irritated and swollen airways and a hardening in the lungs’ soft tissue.

Though these risks are likely the result of vaping, there is no conclusive data at this point. It is also possible that long-term health effects have not yet been discovered, especially regarding people who start vaping during development in adolescence. Research is still in the beginning stages when it comes to vaping. Be sure to consult your doctor before engaging in vaping of any kind.

Final Thoughts

Cannabidiol is a useful and legal medical remedy in Ireland. It helps calm anxiety, distil depression, and even prevents insomnia. Many people rely on it daily. As with any medication, it is essential to do research and consult your family physician before partaking.

If you are looking for a cheap, top-quality CBD vape oil with a wide variety of flavours, check out our top pick; MeetHarmony. Happy CBD vaping!

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