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What are the benefits of sea swimming

What are the Benefits of Sea Swimming?

If you’re not familiar with sea swimming, it can seem a little scary at first. Many people are wary of a swim in the ocean because they’re worried about strong currents or even animal attacks. But, despite what Hollywood tells you, shark attacks are highly statistically unlikely, and swimmers can manage sea currents if they take the proper precautions. There are few risks involved with… Read More »What are the Benefits of Sea Swimming?


Top 10 Ways to Overcome and Deal with Anxiety

Have you felt more anxious lately? If so, you’re not alone. More than one-quarter of all Ireland residents experienced signs of generalised anxiety disorder in 2020. Characterised by persistent worrying, irritability, restlessness, and an inability to concentrate, anxiety can rob the joy from life. Fortunately, help is available! While prescription medication can help reduce anxiety, it’s a long-term decision with potential side effects that can… Read More »Top 10 Ways to Overcome and Deal with Anxiety


What is Holistic Therapy Used For?

Holistic therapy has recently become a global sensation. Though it remains somewhat controversial, its growing popularity and success are indisputable. A 2017 survey reported that 40% of people had tried one or more holistic therapies. Often referred to as alternative medicine, holistic treatment focuses on finding balance by achieving a healthy mind, body, and soul. What has led to the increasing mainstream acceptance of holistic… Read More »What is Holistic Therapy Used For?

How CBD Oil Can Help with Mental Health

Mental health awareness has significantly increased over the past few years! This has led to earlier and increased diagnoses of mental health disorders. Although treatments are for these disorders, they have many serious side effects. That’s where CBD oil comes into play! CBD oil is a natural plant derivative. It improves the symptoms of many mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. CBD has… Read More »How CBD Oil Can Help with Mental Health

CBD oil

The Benefits of CBD Oil

The hemp plant has been used in healing practices for centuries owing to its beneficial effects on the human body. However, only lately has the CBD industry exponentially grown as more and more scientific research is being done in the field. You might have noticed CBD-infused products finding their way into multiple aisles at your local grocery store! The immense health benefits of CBD have… Read More »The Benefits of CBD Oil

Mental Health

Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

Mental health has been at the forefront, particularly in recent years. The significance that was given to physical health is immensely higher than mental health, but not anymore. Emotional wellness is significantly more than just a diagnosis. It’s your general mental prosperity—the manner in which you feel about yourself as well as other people as well as your capacity to deal with your sentiments and… Read More »Tips to Boost Your Mental Health