How CBD Oil Can Help with Mental Health

Mental health awareness has significantly increased over the past few years! This has led to earlier and increased diagnoses of mental health disorders. Although treatments are for these disorders, they have many serious side effects. That’s where CBD oil comes into play!

CBD oil is a natural plant derivative. It improves the symptoms of many mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

CBD has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness industry owing to its positive impact on mental and physical health! You’ll find many CBD-infused products ranging from CBD pet food to CBD-infused alcoholic beverages on your trip to your grocery store!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for “cannabidiol.”

Cannabidiol is a natural substance that is derived from different parts of the hemp plant including its seeds and flowers. It is a cannabinoid and it influences the natural endocannabinoid system found in humans!

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CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is a leading mental health condition and its statistics are alarming! About 18% of the US population suffers from an anxiety disorder according to ADAA.

CBD oil can be used to reduce symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil affects the serotonin receptors in your brain and makes them more sensitive to the neurochemical, serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood, appetite, and sleep-wake cycle. By affecting the serotonin receptors in your brain, CBD oil can improve symptoms of anxiety and help calm you down.

There are many ways to take CBD oil for anxiety so that you experience immediate relief! The most common include inhalation of the oil or taking a CBD capsule sublingually (under your tongue). This way, the CBD oil reaches your bloodstream quickly and gives immediate effects.

CBD Oil for Depression

Depression is another leading mental health illness that is often very difficult to treat. Did you know that traditional pharmaceutical drugs used to treat depression take a few weeks to show their effects?

On the other hand, CBD oil can reduce depressive symptoms a lot quicker! Moreover, SSRIs and other drugs used to treat depression are linked to serious side effects like sexual dysfunction.

CBD oil is 100% natural and safe to consume. It can improve symptoms of depression with the same serotonin mechanism mentioned above.

It could also manage depression that doesn’t respond to traditional anti-depressive drugs, also called treatment resistant depression. 

CBD Oil for PTSD

PTSD, also called post-traumatic stress disorder, is a debilitating mental health disorder that affects about 1 in 11 people at least once in their lifetime! It results from exposure to trauma and is a chronic condition. Although a lot of us associate PTSD with military veterans only, anyone can suffer from it!

PTSD can manifest in many forms and could also be caused by exposure to indirect trauma, or second-hand trauma.

Some of the worst symptoms of PTSD include insomnia, flashbacks, palpitations, and nightmares.

CBD oil can reduce the incidence of nightmares in those suffering from PTSD. Moreover, it can help reduce the conversion of traumatic memories into long-term memories. Thus, it helps eliminate anxiety and fear associated with PTSD. It does so by regulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of your body. After all, CBD is a cannabinoid!

CBD oil also helps improve the quality of sleep in those suffering from PTSD. More about improvement in sleep is discussed below!

CBD Oil for Sleep Disorders

Getting adequate sleep is essential for your mental and physical well-being! It improves memory, boosts brain function, enhances your immunity, and helps reduce stress.

Many mental health disorders like depression and PTSD affect the quality of your sleep negatively. CBD oil can help improve your quality as well as the duration of your sleep. This improves your overall mental and physical health!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD oil make you high?

No, CBD oil does not make you high because it isn’t a toxic compound. The substance in marijuana that makes you high is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

What dosage of CBD oil should I take?

When it comes to CBD oil, you should always start with a low dosage. Gradually increase the dosage until you see the desired improvements in your mental health! After that, keep the dosage constant.

Studies show that a dosage of 600 mg can be used to reduce anxiety. However, you should still start with a lower dose and increase it gradually because every person’s body reacts to a different dosage.

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, CBD oil is legal as long as it doesn’t contain THC above the recommended legal level! Make sure you get your CBD from a trusted brand that has all the necessary certifications to make sure it’s pure and free from THC.

The Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Try CBD oil and experience its benefits on mental health for yourself! After all, your mental health is just as important as your physical health and you need to take care of it!

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