How CBD Oil Helps with Anxiety

CBD oil has become extremely popular in the past few years because of its various health benefits. It has been the subject of many scientific studies and researches so that we can tap more into the beneficial effects of CBD oil.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and it isn’t psychoactive, so it doesn’t make you high. It can improve a wide range of mental illnesses including anxiety and depression.


How it Works

CBD is a cannabinoid that affects the endocannabinoid system naturally found in humans. Our bodies produce internal cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) that act on the ECS.

On the other hand, CBD is an external cannabinoid that influences the receptors of the ECS in humans. Moreover, studies suggest that CBD also affects serotonin receptors in the brain. Although it doesn’t increase serum serotonin levels directly, it may increase the sensitivity of the receptors so that they produce more effects on lower exposure to serotonin.

A decrease in serotonin levels is responsible for many mental health disorders like depression and even some forms of anxiety.


CBD and Anxiety

It’s estimated that about 18% of the entire U.S. population suffers from an anxiety disorder. Moreover, only a small percentage (36.9%) of these actually receive the treatment they need. These statistics are alarming!

Traditional pharmaceutical drugs used to treat anxiety include SSRIs (long-term) and benzodiazepines (short-term). However, these drugs have many side effects like sexual dysfunction, sleep disturbances, mood swings and others that often warrant their discontinuation. Moreover, SSRIs take weeks to show their full effects!

CBD oil can reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in a much rapid fashion, without any of the serious side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs. It has also been shown to improve symptoms of other anxiety disorders like Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).


CBD Oil for Insomnia Associated with Anxiety

CBD oil helps improve sleep and can manage insomnia that is often associated with anxiety. It can increase the duration of deep sleep and also improves your quality of sleep so that you feel well-rested after waking up instead of anxious and tired. Have you ever had a night where you slept but kept waking up and shuffling in bed every now and then? That is poor quality sleep and is often associated with anxiety. CBD can help with that!

CBD oil also reduces stress and improves mood in those suffering from anxiety. Moreover, it also reduces palpitations (heart beating in such a way that you can feel it on your chest wall).


CBD for Social Anxiety Disorder

CBD oil can also reduce symptoms of social anxiety disorder (SAD) and help those suffering from it. CBD oil relaxes your mind by exerting their effects on serotonin receptors as well as receptors of the ECS.



Dosage of CBD Oil for Anxiety Disorders

It was shown in a study that a CBD oil dosage of about 300 mg greatly helped in reducing symptoms of anxiety. Taking more CBD oil than necessary can actually reduce its potential benefits instead of increasing them. Therefore, it’s important not to take too much or too little of CBD because both of these can reduce its effects.

The best way to start using CBD oil for anxiety disorders is to start with a very low dosage and then gradually increase the dosage. Once you start noticing a significant improvement in your symptoms, you can keep using the same effective dosage.

Ways to Take CBD Oil for Anxiety

There are many ways of taking CBD oil, some of which are listed below with their pros and cons:

  • CBD oil edibles

CBD oil edibles come in the form of gummies, taffies and candies. However, these edibles take a few hours to show their full effects because they need to go through the digestive system before being absorbed.


  • CBD oil tablets and pills

Tablets and pills are also ingested so they also take a few hours to show their effects. However, they’re available in many different potencies, which can be an advantage for beginners.



  • CBD oil sublingual drops or tablets

Sublingual drops or tablets are to be put under the tongue. The CBD oil is then absorbed directly into your bloodstream and gives quick relief from anxiety.



  • CBD oil inhalers/vapes

These deliver CBD oil directly into the bloodstream through the lung.




If you’re already taking prescription medications for anxiety disorders, make sure you consult your doctor before switching to any other product!

Moreover, make sure you buy CBD oil from a reputed brand that has all the necessary certifications and testing in place to make sure it’s free from all sorts of impurities and contaminants. High-quality CBD oil doesn’t contain additives or other chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Always read labels before buying CBD and look for the natural and organic ones!



CBD oil is a legal and safe oil that can help reduce the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and insomnia that is associated with each of these. So, try out CBD oil for yourself to experience its benefits!



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