Raising Boys for Fathers

Research has shown that fathers have a unique contribution to their boy’s development and happiness.

The course aims to enhance fathers’ skills at relating to their sons, communicating better, developing better relationships and becoming a role model and source of support for their sons.

Workplace Suicide Prevention Training

Workplaces are an ideal setting in which to recognise someone at risk of suicide and intervene in preventing suicide from occurring. Rehab offers three world-renowned suicide awareness and intervention skills training packages for the workplace.

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HeadsUp Lifeskills

HeadsUp Lifeskills is a training course for 15-24 years olds delivered in a community setting. The course was developed in order to facilitate the development of essential life skills that we may or may not already have. When we say the word “lifeskills” we mean the skills to deal with life’s ups and downs, life’s everyday hassles and tasks.