Raising Boys

The Headsup initiative has been developed by Rehab as part of our suicide prevention action. Up to 500 people die each year as a result of suicide in Ireland. A large proportion of suicides are in the 15 to 24 years age category. In addition to Raising Boys for Fathers, the Headsup initiative also includes a free text service which enables young people to access a range of helpline and support services (simply text “HEADSUP” to 50424), a lifeskills and life-coaching course, a suicide awareness and intervention training programme and a youth website.

Are you a father, a grandfather, stepfather or foster father?

Would you like to help your son do better at school?
Would you like to enhance your relationship with your son?
Would you like to be a help to him during the difficult times in his life?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this course will interest you.

Raising Boys for Fathers is a parenting course that explores the concept of parenting among fathers. The course was developed in the North West of Ireland as a response to the fact that few fathers attended standard parenting courses.

The course has been developed by fathers, is delivered by fathers of sons and is open to anyone who is in a caring role for a young boy.

Programme Aim

Research has shown that fathers have a unique contribution to their boy’s development and happiness.

The course aims to enhance fathers’ skills at relating to their sons, communicating better, developing better relationships and becoming a role model and source of support for their sons.

The course is open to all fathers of sons, not just fathers experiencing difficulty with their sons. Fathers are not pressured into discussing anything that they are not comfortable with. The facilitators ask fathers to commit to a confidentiality agreement prior to starting the course in order to ensure privacy and a relaxed atmosphere.