About Us

HeadsUp is a mental health promotion project which aims to contribute to suicide prevention efforts by providing timely, appropriate information and support to young people. The project commences in 2005. It provides a wide range of initiatives aimed primarily at 15-24 year olds. However there are a number of secondary targets that includes community groups, fathers and workplaces. HeadsUp is always looking for young people to volunteer with us to help make the project better. HeadsUp currently has a youth panel of ten volunteers who help steer the project and ensure that it is appropriate to the target group.

Some of the HeadsUp initiatives include the following:

HeadsUp Text is a free and confidential 24-hour text service, supported by Meteor, which provides young people with details of a range of helplines and support services by simply texting HEADSUP to 50424.

The delivery of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training course, which equips people with the knowledge and the ability to recognise the warning signs of suicidal behaviour.

HeadsUp Lifeskills, a course aimed at enhancing young people’Äôs skills and abilities in dealing with life’Äôs ups and downs.

Raising Boys for Fathers, a parenting programme which helps fathers to improve their communication skills with their sons in dealing with life’Äôs problems.

HeadsUp.ie a interactive website that includes a host of cutting-edge features including Mind Gym with lots of interactive games, Self Help modules and ’ÄòArt from the Heart’Äô, along with information on support services, well-being tips, fact sheets, reviews and competitions.